Anonymous asked: Yeah you do.

Please don’t feel uncomfortable approaching me, or facebook messaging me. I know it may feel odd, after you’ve been on anon already, but I can assure you that I wouldn’t think so. I’d love to be a part of your life. Message me tonight, tomorrow, or whenever. Or stay on anon. But I’d love to hear from you.


does anyone else sort of get a lesbian vibe from ellen degeneres?

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Anonymous asked: Wow. I REALLY wish we were friends. I could use someone like you in my life

I can be in your life. Do I know you in person at all?

Anonymous asked: My parents dont believe my illnesses and i dont want anyone to think im self diagnosing or using it as an excuse.

You can still utilize my other suggestions, even if your parents aren’t on board. Teachers and counselors don’t care if you’re ‘self-diagnosing.’ Primarily, it’s tumblr that makes a fuss. I think the first step is e-mailing your school psychologist. Just a simple e-mail. ‘I need help.’ It may seem like a terrifying step to take, but it’s important to have someone on your side.

You are not using your illness as an excuse. Do not let anyone, parents or otherwise, make you feel that way.

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Back when I was younger and more ignorant and misinformed than I am now, one of my exes literally made me feel guilty sometimes when he got a boner and I didn’t want to “take care of him”. He claimed that it caused him a lot of pain and he said that his doctor had actually said he couldn’t leave himself in that state or else he could damage himself…. So made me feel like I HAD to give him relief even when I really did not desire to. And that sucked.

Wait… it DOESN’T hurt them?

Boys get boners all the time for no reason. No, it doesn’t hurt them. If any boy tries to tell you otherwise, run away as fast as you can because he’s lying to you for the sake of his penis.

No penis is more important than you because you are a whole person and a penis is just a spongy flab o’ flesh. 

Hahaha deff not I get boners constantly.
Anything causes them

Anonymous asked: So as far as the mental health thing, how do you explain that to your teachers? Like I don't matter unless I have good grades.

Most teachers will actually be a lot more understanding than you’d expect. Trust me, I’ve had more experience with this than I care to remember. There’s a few options. When it’s getting difficult to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, and the thought of a face-to-face conversation about how you are or are not feeling sounds impossible, opt for e-mail. If your parents are supportive, make them aware of the situation. Even if there’s a shred of possibility that they’ll be supportive, let them know what’s going on. They’d rather know now than when you’re failing your classes because you can’t get out of bed. 

Anyways, e-mail. Either you or your parents can e-mail your teachers and let them know what’s going on. You don’t necessarily have to be ultra-specific, but do let them know that you’re suffering from an illness that has made succeeding in your classes entirely too difficult to handle by yourself anymore. 

If your teachers are all supportive, they will help you work out a plan to get through the rest of the semester. If you have any trouble with a particular teacher, get in touch with your school psychologist right away. Let them know that you attempted to handle the situation by yourself, but simply cannot anymore. They will intervene and help mediate with your teachers. 

Try not to think too far into the future. It will overwhelm you. Take it a day at a time, just work on finishing out the day, then the week. The number one way to prioritize and take care of yourself is by not trying to deal with this by yourself. Talk to people who can make the situation even just the slightest bit more manageable. No one wants to see you fall, so let others advocate for you. You are being self-sufficient by letting others help you.

Stay strong.

EDIT: I didn’t even mention, but you. are. not. defined. by. your. GPA. Period. It may seem the only way to a brighter future right now, but there are so many different paths to success and happiness than we’re made aware of in high school. Yes, try to get through. But it’s not over if things don’t end up as you planned.


I treat my body like a temple. But not like a regular temple like an ancient hedonistic temple dedicated to orgies and substance abuse

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